Pensacola is one of the significant place in America’s history. It’s named as “The City of Five Flags”, Pensacola changed it ownership several times. The five countries (Spanish, French, British, Confederate, and American) flags are flown over this beautiful city.

Pensacola is located in Florida’s panhandle which is surrounded by more than 50 miles of coastline that includes the emerald-green Gulf of Mexico waters and crystal clear bay areas. This combination brings the relaxed beach town and bustling metropolitan centre.

The temperate, climate and a friendly community that is driven toward success present an unparalleled quality of life.

For Americans, beaches are important part of their life. Beach will act as a buffer against the high winds and waves of powerful storms. Eventhough it will affect the local economy due the pollution at the beach by damaging sensitive habitats like creating marine debris.

Gigi resort beach

Beach provide various recreational opportunities for millions of people like boating, fishing, swimming, playing and sun bathing. Fort lauderdale Beach is one of the important beach to visit in Florida.

Resorts suits for the travellers who like to participate in planned activities, as well as who are less adventurous.

Families, couples, groups traveling together—may benefit from staying at a resort because of all the options available. For families, resorts will offer planned activities that appeal to all age groups. They will customize for all age groups to feel happy. Also, resorts are also a popular choice with honeymooners seeking to relax after the stress of planning a wedding.

Spending time at an ocean beach is one of the fastest-growing nature-based outdoor activities in the United States.

Johnny Chisholm Presents Memorial Weekend Pensacola! They are the largest LGBTQ event held in North America on Pensacola Beach, Florida on Memorial Weekend for the past 27 years!